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Hemophilia Symptoms | Hemophilia Treatment & Diagnosis | Risk Factors

Symptoms of Hemophilia

The extent of symptoms depends on the severity of clotting factor deficiency. People with a mild deficiency may bleed in the case of trauma. People with a severe deficiency may bleed for no reason. This is called “spontaneous bleeding”. In children with hemophilia, these symptoms may occur around age 2.

Spontaneous bleeding can cause the following:

Hemophilia Risk Factors

Complications In Hemophilia

Complications of hemophilia may include:

Diagnosis For Hemophilia

Hemophilia is diagnosed through a blood test and measure the amount of clotting factor present. The sample is then graded to determine the severity of the factor deficiency:

Treatment For Hemophilia

While there is no cure for hemophilia, most people with the disease can lead fairly
normal lives. Treatment for bleeding episodes: Therapies to stop bleeding depend on the type of hemophilia:

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